Krazy Horse Hooligan hits the Street!

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With a reputation for world class custom bikes and having been behind the bikes that won last year’s DTRA Hooligans series, Krazy Horse Motorcycles have created this: a Hooligan for the street, or rather a kit of parts that turns your low-slung cruiser into something to torture the tarmac with more dramatic lean angles and a whole new demanour.

Starting with a pair of laced 19-inch wheels – to give it the ground clearance that the 2-into-1 Hooligan exhaust needs in tight right-handers – it also includes a Power-Wision ECU recalibration unit, mid foot controls with all links and mounts, revised rear light cluster, Krazy Horse’s flat track race seat relocator, seat base and pad, and a front fork brace for £4,995.

If you want to go further, you can create the ultimate Indian Street Tracker, picking from a selection of parts that are sold separately. These include Ohnlins’ piggy-back shocks and cartridge-style fork upgrade, illuminated plug&play number board, flat track bars in KH’s own lower handlebar risers, covers to protect the radiator and thermostat housing, plus a cut away pulley cover. And a host of parts that show the bike’s heritage: chain and sprocket conversion for maximum flexibility in final drive gearing, high performance adverse condition air cleaner.

… and that’s only a short step from taking it on the dirt, in the Indian-sponsored DTRA Hooligan series, in which case you’ll want ABS deactivation, a suspension jack-up kit, a clutch perch and cable kit and a lanyard kill switch.

Other options are available – the bike they’ve been touting at bike shows for the last few months has a resculpted tank, which is very much a built-to-order part, but then this is Krazy Horse we’re talking about!

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