Test ride a new Indian at home or abroad in 2018

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Thanks to an expanding dealer network, Indian Motorcycle can offer even more opportunities to test ride a new Indian this coming season.

A number of countries within the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) are running a ‘Roadshow’ – where the entire Indian range tours between venues from one weekend to another, allowing you to try not just one bike but any that you fancy – and there is no obligation to buy: this is about experiencing the wide range of bikes in the Indian range.

Grant Bester, General Manager and EMEA VP of Indian said: “Our dealer network has expanded rapidly and if you’re seen Indian and wondered what our bikes are like to ride, then you have the chance to come and join us on one of our many Roadshow events this year to discover for yourself.”

Obviously, you’re more likely to be able to to attend a local event, but on the offchanced that you’re travelling round Europe, here’s the full breakdown of events by country – and, of course, all dealers will have a selection demonstrators and their own open house and demo events.

  • BMAD, Paignton 4th, 5th, 6th May
  • MCN Festival, Peterborough Showground, 19th to 20th May
  • American Speed Fest, Brands Hatch, 9th to 10th June
  • Manchester Rock and Bike Fest 28th, 29th, 30th June
  • Calne Bike Meet, Wiltshire, 28th July
  • Llangollen Bike Show, Wales, 4th to 5th August
  • Copdock, Ipswich, 7th October
  • Brightona, Brighton, 14th October

Plus regular demo events throughout the year, so keep an eye on social media for more details.

  • Salon de la moto de Narbonne 16th to 18th March
  • Sunday Ride Classic Circuit du Castelet 23rd to 25th March
  • Indian Annecy 30th March to 1st April
  • Indian Rennes 6th to 8th April
  • Salon de la Moto Allianz Riviera 13th to 15th April
  • Alain Moto 20th to 22nd April
  • Indian Nord 27th to 29th April
  • Indian Metz 4th to 6th May
  • Indian Angers 11th to 13th May
  • Indian Limoges to be confirmed
  • Indian Nantes 25th to 27th May
  • Indian Strasbourg 1st to 3rd June
  • Indian La Rochelle 8th to 10th June
  • Journées Nationales de la Moto et du Motard 16th to 17th June
  • Café Racer Festival 22nd to 23rd June
  • Punta Bagna 29th June to 1st July
  • IMRG 2018 (Motors ‘n Blues in Dax) 6th to 8th July
  • South Africa Bike Festival, Kyalami Race Track, 25th to 27th May 
  • Frühlingstreff Augustfehn, 7th to 8th April
  • Saisonstartmesse im AUER BIKER VILLAGE, Stockach, 14th to 15th April
  • MOTORWORLD Bike Days Stuttgart, 5th to 6th May
  • INDIAN JAMBOREE 2018 an der Stoibermühle, Marzling, 12th May
  • Rastplatz Talsperre Eibenstock, Stützengrün, 26th May
  • Open House bei Viking Cycles, Lübeck, 2nd June
  • Open House bei Rothsee-Choppers, Hilpoltstein, 9th June
  • Club of Newchurch, Neukirch/Österreich, 18th to 24th June
  • Open House bei CM.MotorcyclesKöln-Bergheim, 30th June
  • 30 Jahre Hollister´s MotorCycles, Dauchingen, 7th to 8th July
  • 28. Motorcycle Jamboree Jüterbog, 13th July
  • Open House bei Bikestore-KA, Karlsruhe, 21st July
  • Bike and Music Weekend, Geiselwind, 3rd to 4th August
  • Wings & Wheels 2018, Flugplatz Uetersen/Heist, 11th and 12th August
  • Open day Legend bikers (dealer), Lallio (BG) 17/18 March 
  • Open day Thirteen Garage (dealer), Bologna (BO) 24/25 March 
  • Show in Vincenza.  24/25 March 
  • Riding Season – Milan (no demo) 07 April
  • Open day Race Point (dealer), Bolzano (BZ) 14/15 April 
  • Low Ride Party by Egimotors, Carate Brianza 21/22 April 
  • Rimini (RN) à TBD 4/5/6 May 
  • Biker fest, Lignano (UD) à TBD 10/11/12/13 May 
  • Alba chopper, Alba (CN) 18/19/20 May 
  • Riding Season, Monza (MZ) 19/20 May 
  • Wildays, Varano de Melegari (PR) à TBD 1/2/3 June 
  • Open day Thirteen Garage (dealer) Bologna (BO) 15/16 September 
  • Open day Legend bikers (dealer) – Lallio (BG) 29/30 September

Motomadrid show 5th to 8th April

  • Open house for all dealers24th and 25th March
  • Mega Motortreffen20th and 21st May 
  • Indian Wrocław 10th to 16th April
  • Indian Poznań 17th to 23rd April
  • Indian Bielsko-Biała 24th to 30th April
  • Indian Warszawa 2nd to the 12th May
  • Indian Gdańsk 15th to 22nd May
  • Open Weekend Simota GmbH, Adligenswil, 17th and 18th March 
  • Whitestone Track Day, 1st April
  • Töff-Testtage, Derendingen 21st and 22nd April
  • Töff Tage Obwalden TTO, Alpnach26th and 27th May
  • Swiss High Mountain Ride, Val Müstair, 29th, 30th June and 1st July
  • Nordbygg Bacho Indian, 9th to 12th April
  • Leva Bo Mässan, Sundsvall, 19th to 22nd April
  • Bollnäs Motorrevy, 21st to 22nd April
  • Indian test rides with Sulas MC, Strängnäs, 28th April
  • Indian test rides with Sulas MC, Uppsala, 5th to 6th May
  • Roadshow Ava Biker Day, Stockholm, 12th May
  • Roadshow Sulas, Västerås, 13th May
  • Spring Meet Östersund 19th May
  • Start 2 Ride, Göteborg Stora holm, 19th to 20th May
  • Motorcykelns Dag Sundsvall, Torget, 26th May
  • Viking Ride, IMRG Ride, 1st, 2nd, 3rd June
  • Roadshow Claessons, Bromölla, 4th June
  • Sweden Rock Festival, Norje, 6th to 9th June
  • Dragracing Tierp Arena, 7th to 10th June
  • Hojrock and IMRG camp/party, Västervik, 14th to 16th June
  • Eagles Träffen, Järpen, 13th to 15th July
  • Motorveckan, Lycksele, 25th to 26th July
  • Roadshow Umeå Terräng & Motor, Umeå, 27th to 28th July
  • Nolia Exhibition, Piteå, 4th to 12th August
  • Mälaren Runt, Gröndal, Eskilstuna, 18th August
  • EM i Dragracing Tierp, 23rd to 26th August
  • Start 2 ride Gillinge Norrtälje, Norrtälje
  • Roadshow Twin Thunder, Lyngdal, 24th April to 3rd May
  • Roadshow Tyrigrava, Oslo, 2nd May
  • Roadshow Aakerbrygge Visning, Oslo 3rd May
  • Vårmönstringen Lilleström, 5th to 6th May
  • Roadshow MC-Marine, 5th May
  • Vårmönstringen, Bergen 6th May
  • Roadshow CBP, Skien, 8th May
  • Cowboy frokost, 40-års jubileé Lillehammer, 12th May
  • Roadshow VBSMC, Verdal, 25th May
  • Roadshow Trondheim, 26th May
  • Bikefest, Trondheim, 27th May
  • Viking Ride, IMRG Ride, 1st, 2nd and 3rd June
  • Sweden Rock Festival, 6th to 9th June
  • Hojrock + IMRG Camp/party, Västervik, 14th to 16th June
  • Norges treffen, Harstad, 14th to 17th June
  • Oslo Motorshow, Lilleström, 27th to 29th October
  • Mosten Race Days, 30th August to 2nd September
  • Motorcycle Show Belgrad 22nd to 25th March
  • First mile Poděbrady 31st March
  • Moto season opening North Bohemia 21st April
  • Czech Route 66 28th April
  • Indian Weekend Boskovice (Western City) 4th to 5th May
  • Garage Party, Pardubice 12th to 13th May
  • Euro Bike Fest www.eurobikefest.cz 24th to 27th May
  • All Indians Weekend / Sumava Hills 22nd to 24th June
  • Ostrava Ride 6th to 8th July
  • Tanec slnka / Sundance festival https://www.tanecslnka.sk/sk/26th to 29th July
  • 1,000 miles around the Czech Republic 27th to 29th July
  • Last mile 28th to 30th September

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