2018 Thunder Stroke 111 models to get more torque and horsepower

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Indian Motorcycle today announced that all of its 2018 models with the Thunder Stroke 111 engine have increased power and torque.

With motorcycles now having to meet EU4 emission rules, there has been an on-going homologation process at Spirit Lake to ensure Indian offers the best products possible.

As such, for 2018, all of the Thunder Stroke 111 engined models have a 15hp increase in power and a 15Nm increase in torque (models now have 84hp and 150Nm).

Indian Motorcycle’s International Product Manager, Ben Lindaman commented: “Indian’s engineering team achieved the increase in power and torque by removing intake restrictions, equipping the bikes with better flowing exhaust, and optimising the calibration for this setup. The results are a substantial 21% power increase and an improved throaty exhaust tone as well.”

It is a doubled-edged sword, though: EU regulations are clamping down on what motorcycle manufacturers can and can’t do with the sale of performance upgrades, and after 31st December 2017, Indian Motorcycle will no longer sell its Stage 1 and Stage 2 performance kits to customers in the EMEA region.

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